Product Showcase

  1. TrueMill
    TrueMill is a significant milestone step in the long history of machining. TrueMill is the name for a patented set of discoveries centered on controlling tool engagement while machining a part of almost any type or material. By controlling the tool’s engagement with the material, TrueMill has repeatedly proven to greatly increase material removal rates (MRR), decrease cycle times and extend tool life.
  2. SURFCAM Standard Features
    SURFCAM offers numerous standard features for ease of use and compatibility.
  3. SURFCAM Velocity 4
    SURFCAM Velocity 4 CAD/CAM software provides an amazing array of new, top quality and versatile features. Add to this an enhanced user interface and you get the best, most intuitive and easiest-to-use CAM product on the market today.
  4. 'The Edge': Micro Size Cable-Free Noise Dosimeter
    Now there’s a new, more innovative family of personal noise dosimeters. Available in three models, The Edge offers advanced technology packaged in a cable-free, compact frame for a lighter, more ergonomic way to monitor noise levels.
  5. SPEDE Technologies Push-Button Labeling
    Push-Button Labeling is a simple-to-use hardware/software solution that combines patented wireless technology with intelligent software to control and error-proof the processes of label set-up, label printing, and label application.
  6. Blue Vector Manufacturing Solutions
    Even in the most highly automated facilities, the movement of pallets, dollies, cages, and totes is typically a manual process. With any manual process, there is a high potential for errors — and in a standard facility with multiple side-byside dock doors, a small error can result in a mistake that can take weeks to correct. The end result is customer shortages and increased costs.
  7. Escort Memory Systems LF Series
    Low Frequency (LF) RFID (125 kHz) LF has a long history (20 years) of being used in industrial environments, as well as in animal tracking/tagging applications.
  8. Escort Memory Systems HF Series
    HF has the advantage over other frequencies of being able to read/write to a tag in the presence of water, and other obstructions. This ability has proved the HF Frequency ideal for rugged industrial environments.
  9. Escort Memory Systems UHF Series
    UHF systems feature long-range and high-speed, read/write rates. Small antennas and even smaller tags have proven this to be an effective frequency for tracking pallets through dock doors, as well as trucking and transportation applications. Industrial UHF applications have also begun to effectively be developed for tracking parts, product, and carriers through production.
  10. Panasonic Toughbook-19
    With one quick swivel, the wireless Toughbook 19 transforms from a fully-rugged, maximum-performance notebook PC to a fully-rugged, handwriting-friendly tablet PC. Take handwritten notes, mark and edit documents, and draw diagrams. It even converts handwriting to printed text. The Toughbook 19 — tough times two.